Ozaukee County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 2001
Author: Jon Mann

Originally listed with two points, 4 additional areas where recently found by Dr. Judziewicz of the Univ. of Wisconsin. Five of the areas are in sand and gravel pits, all deposited by glaciers. (Maybe our resident Wisconsin Geologist can explain this in detail!)

The points -

Point 1 (Five Corners Quad). The largest of the areas, larger than all the others combined, sits in a field just west of the town of Cedarburg. I pulled into the field access, and hiked up the side of the field to it's crest. The building shown on the topo no longer exists. The field was alfalfa (?) so was easy to get to highpoint.

Point 2 (Newburg Quad, Section 30). This gravel pit area no longer exists. I hiked around the defunct gravel pit, and the highest area in it sighted considerably lower than the nearby 950+ hill.

Point 3 (Newburg Quad, Section 7). This area also was a gravel pit, and is now home to the Sauk Rifle & Pistol Club. The high area is no longer there, having been mined/eroded away.

Points 4/5 (Port Washington Quad). These gravel pit areas have a radio tower near the top, and can be driven to. The highest remaining area sights lower than the nearby 970+ area.

Point 6 (Random Lake Quad). The entire area has been quarried for sand and gravel. The road to the active area of the pits (not shown on the topo) passes right by the highest remaining area, and is lower than the 950+ hill to the east.

In summary, Ozaukee has only one 980+ area remaining!