Ozaukee County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 30, 2001
Author: Jobe Wymore

First of all, get onto I-43 north of Milwaukee and look for the Cedarburg Exit 89. Also marked as CR C. Once off the freeway set the odometer to zero and head west on CR C for 5.2 miles till you reach Horns Corner Road, passing through Cedarburg along the way. Turn right on Horns Corner Rd and 1.3 miles later you'll reach a radio tower to your right. Park here for the first of the 4 areas. Due west from where you parked will be an obvious, little hill in the middle of a field. A tree line runs east-west along the south end of the field and a little dirt tract skirts the edge of them. I walked this dirt tract for about 200 yards along the side of the soy(?) field and then made my way to my right to the obvious HP area that was covered in alfalfa. The soy(?) section ended right before I got to the HP.

From the little driveway in front of the radio tower set your odometer again and continue north reaching State 60 in 1.4 miles (WI 60). Turn left here and go only 0.8 mile till you reach the junction with CR Y. Turn right (north) on CR Y and continue straight on Y when you reach the junction with CR NN at around mile 2, until finally reaching Knollwood Road at mile 5.2, on the Ozaukee/Washington County line. Turn right (east) here and follow Knollwood Road as it gently crests a 1/2 mile later. Park here, off the side of the road. There is house on the north side of the street that has a windmill. From here I went south down a tiny steep section on the side of the road and up to a mowed grassy area, following it as it swung around to the obvious highest area that is the edge of an old dirt/gravel pit. Was not posted. Also didn't seek permission from the nearby houses.

For the 3rd area, get back in your vehicle and continue east on Knollwood Road for only another 1/2 mile until you reach a stop sign and the junction with Blue Goose Road. Set your odometer here and turn left (north). Go 2.3 miles till you reach the Saukville Rifle and Pistol Club (members only). I pulled into the place and noticed that a few guys were actually firing rounds into the 3rd HP area that is right in front of you as you enter the place. It's a small hill. Oddly enough, besides being home to pounds of lead shot, the hill is being used for gravel fill and I ran into the owners of it there, Strey Masonry. They gave me permission to climb up the north side of it. I walked through the Clay Pigeon Arcade and made my way around the backside and up to the top, amid a barrage of gun fire. The HP of the hill is the top of the cut that has been made by the removal of gravel. This 3rd spot definitely felt the highest of the 3 so far visited and would be my pick of the 4 if I had to guess.

For the 4th and last area, you have to make your way to the junction of CR H and WI 57 in Fredonia which isn't that far away from the gun club. From the junction, head north on WI 57 for 4 miles to Jay Road. Turn left (west) and go another mile and a half to Random Lake Rd. Turn right this time and head north around 0.6 mile to an unmarked private drive off to the right. Park here. I walked up the private road a bit and then southeasterly into a gravel pit where the HP should be, heavily disturbed and all but gone now. Huge hill in the center of it with trees and brush on top looked definitely man made. I was here on the weekend and the place was closed. If anyone didn't visit this 4th area, it would be all right in my book.