Pepin County Highpoint Trip Report

five unnamed hills (1,300+ ft)

Date: April 17, 2005
Author: Mark Ness

Pepin County's 5 high point areas are located in Sections 21 and 22 of Albany Township.

From Pierce County, I took back roads to U.S. 10, and continued east on 10 to Bauer Road (about 2 miles west of Mondovi). I drove north on Bauer for 3.48 miles and parked across the road from the access road, Fire number N5945. It is posted "No Trespassing".

Almost the entire trail was on woods roads, driveable by 4WD vehicles. Due to the mud and areas, I was glad I left my car on the road.

area 1

I arrived at area 1 in 8 minutes. It is near a gate on the road that branches off to the left of the main road.

area 3

I continued on the road to the right, passing over area 2, going on to area 3. 11 minutes after arriving at area 1, I turned right at an orange diamond. The high ground of this area is on the east side of the road behind some dense, fallen brush. I continued northeast on this road until I determined that I had overshot area 2, so I turned around, and found it at a T-intersection with another woods road.

area 2

Area 2 is the largest area and I explored around the intersection (another woods road leads northwest from this point), stepping on all the high ground.

area 4

I took the road to the west (not shown on the topo), and noticed that it was built over the ridge line (there was an open area that I encountered 12 minutes after turning around past area 3), and led all the way to area 4, where it effectively ended. I continued on the ridge line to area 5.

area 5

About 200 yards after departing from area 4, I encountered another woods road, which led me to area 5. It is just off trail on the east side.

From here, it was about a 1 mile walk back to my car--30 minutes. The total hiking time was 1 hour 19 minutes.