Pierce County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 24, 2001
Authors: Wendy Hecht & Jobe Wymore

An easy one here. Get yourself to the intersection of WI County P and WI County PP in the middle of Hatchville, WI. Set the odometer and head west just a 1/2 a mile until the road gently crests. I have a note jotted down that I parked at the power line post 191. See what you can make of it(?).

The first of the 2 areas is immediately southeast, right off the side of the road where you parked. It's a little, obvious bump.

For the second, follow the old fence line that runs south from where you parked through the field for around 250 yards and then go southeast to the obvious grassy second HP area. Hand leveling and back-sighting could not draw out a clear winner. Easy HP none the less.