Waushara County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 1, 2002
Authors: John Mitchler and Wendy Hecht

A confusing walk in the woods awaits you on this multiple-area county, located south of Stevens Point and east of US51 in central Wisconsin. Bring your topo and bring your compass.

To arrive at the home of Brian Rye, take WI73 north from Wautoma for 6.8 miles to Archer Road. Turn right (east) and go 2.4 miles to CR A. Turn left (northeast) and go another 0.8 mile to the house on your right (north). Note the gated sandy lane at mile 0.7 on your right. This is the access to the HP areas. Do not even think about going here in the fall during hunting season. This is prime hunting terrain.

Walk the sandy lane for a quarter mile as it runs due north. Leave the lane when it turns to the right, and instead, follow an old barb wire fence in the woods. This fence follows the section line. The elongated, northeast-trending rise is fairly obvious (area #1). Continue following the fence to a broad area (#2) with dense immature pines. The high ground here seems to be at a large oak at the north edge of the pines. From this area, follow your compass northwest to another elongated, northeast-trending rise (area #3). Note the distinct drop-off to the northwest.

Hike back southeast recrossing the broad rise and watch for a large, depressed area. Area #4 is a small hill on the east side of this depression. Continue southeast to an impressive broad rise that is relatively clear of trees (#5). The high ground is obvious. From this high ground, hike east to a small area #6 that is along a north-south fence. Cropland is east of this area. We choose to exit the area by following the fence line south and then cutting west along a tree line to reach the sandy lane near its exit onto CR A.

I suspect that areas 2 and 5 are highest but there's no way of telling. You must visit all six.