Doddridge County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 5, 2001
Author: Mike Schwartz

From the Wetzel/Harrison County line on WV 20, go SE 3.6 miles to Wallace and the junction with CR 1, Little Ten Mile Road. Zero your odometer. Head west on CR 1; fork right at 0.8 miles onto CR 2, following the path of the railroad; reach Rinehart and bear left, crossing tracks, at 1.7 miles. Road climbs and reaches first crest and crossroads at 3.4 miles, and a gap and crossroads at 3.6 miles.

I parked here and hiked north on a truck road, toward a ridge crest. Turn left (west) at the crest, and follow another road all the way to the summit. At the top is a pretty much defunct tower inside a fence. The summit has been flattened off, and it's hard to tell whether highest ground is inside the fence at the base of the tower, or at a tree just outside the fence. If this were one's 55th WV county highpoint, one would be strongly tempted to scale the fence to cover all bases. It's a 15-minute walk from gap to summit.

Note: If approaching from the north on WV 20, Delorme and the topo indicate that CR 20-5, which heads south from WV 20 just west of Folsom, is a viable approach route to the gap/trailhead. It's not, turning to a muddy 4WD route about 1 1/2 miles south of WV 20.