Doddridge County Highpoint Trip Report

unnamed (1,660+ feet)

Date: May 12, 2009
Author: Fred Lobdell

Mike Schwartz's trip report of Dec. 5, 2001 is still entirely valid. As this was not one's 55th West V?irginia cohp, one was not tempted to scale the fence. However, one noted that some one had apparently rammed the fence with some sort of vehicle and loosened things up enough that one could wriggle under the fence if one were so inclined.

But as Mike suggested, the ground inside the fence was almost certainly altered during the construction of the tower and a layer of gravel was placed there, leaving the question as to whether there was any natural surface left within the fence. There was also a gas well being actively drilled a short distance below the ridge crest at this point.

The workmen and I didn't interfere with each other.