Gilmer County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 10, 2004
Author: Ken Oeser

The NOAA site lists the BM elevation as 1,596 feet. Ms. Robinson was not home so we drove around to other homes and finally talked to the neighbor below her and, after I got out my binoculars to scan some Red-Tailed Hawks soaring high above, they said she likely wouldn't care if we parked at the church and hiked up.

After following the grassy road to the top, we drove down and Ms. Pat Robinson was then home so we pulled in and talked. She is very nice and loves the wilderness around there, telling us of her black lab which has had run-ins with many, including a clawing from a black bear. She claims to have even seen panthers and seems to know her critters. She was fine with us having hiked to the highpoint. Highpointers should still stop and let her know before they hike up but, if she isn't there, in the approach road switchback just north of the highpoint, I think it would be OK to park at the church and hike up. Hunters on ATVs were about to go up the main road when we left so you might want to avoid the area in deer season.