Greenbrier County Highpoint Trip Report

Grassy Knob (4,360+ ft)

Date: July 8, 2006
Author: Don Desrosiers

Of note with this and many other WV counties is that gravel roads are often "paved" with a single lane in the middle of the road and about 1/4 gravel lane on either side. Makes for some interesting times when you come around a curve to discover someone going the opposite way.

I started with Fred's report and got there, although my mileages differed from his.

  0.0 - Intersection of I-64 (exit 169) and US 219 northeast of Lewisburg.
12.9 - Turn left onto Friars Hill Road (CR 9).
21.6 - Turn right onto CR 10.
23.0 - Bear left. Road becomes 10/1. Soon becomes all gravel.
27.5 - "4 way". Stay to left on best road.
28.7 - Turn left onto good gravel road.
30.9 - Gated road to left near the 4092 BM.

The gate was open when I got there and, with all the vegetation growing on it, clearly had been for a while. The road looked just a shade rougher than I wanted to do with my current lower slung car, so we walked the 8/10 mile up the easy dirt road. The southwest side of the road is clearly posted by the Windy Ridge Hunt Club who appear to have leased the land from Westvaco. The Monongahela National Forest believes the road and the area to the northwest to be theirs, so you should be good to go.

The top is open and has clearly been developed and dug over the years. The area just to the northeast of the tower looked as good as any to me. Make a good faith effort and call it your own.

On the return trip I went right at CR 9 (21.6 mi point) and took it (and 60/10 and 12) through Hughart for 12.6 miles to I-64 at the Alta exit (#161). This might be an easier way if you are coming from the west.