Hancock County High Point Trip Report

Dates: April 1, 2000 and August 19, 2000
Author: Mike Schwartz

spot elevation 1800' ESE of Emmanuel Mission Church (1363 ft)

From US 30, go south 0.7 mule on WV 8 to a right turn onto county road 208. The road crests at 1.9 miles at a gated track road, where a car can be parked below the gate. Walk up the track road to the summit, which has a water tank and radio tower on top.

2 areas 2000' northwest of Emmanuel Mission Church (1360+ ft)

Continue from the above point 0.4 mile to Locust Hill Road (#5). Right to crest at 0.9 mile and park alongside cemetery. I crawled under the fence and hiked up the rather steep pasture hill. The two points on top are clearly defined, and the western knob is definitely higher.

2 areas 2 1/4 miles southeast of Emmanuel Mission Church (1360+ ft)

This interesting area is a former apple orchard bought by the State of West Virginia and turned into a Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The trees are still bearing fruit, but are suffering from a lack of attention. No doubt the deer love the apples.

From US 30, go 2.1 miles south on WV 8 to a left at Middle Run Road (#14). When the road crests at 2.6 miles, make a left turn just before it starts to descend. Drive past trailers and an old two-story garage onto a track road leading to the WMA parking lot. From here the roads are accurately shown on the topo. Hike past the water tank and then uphill to the low saddle between the two high points. Both are easily accessible to wandering.

1 area near Pennsylvania state line on Stewart Hill (1360+ ft)

From US 30, 0.4 mile west of state line, turn NE onto dirt road just short of Stewart Hill crest. Go 0.4 mile to high point in yard of house #344.