Harrison County High Point Trip Report

one area 700 ft southeast of USGS BM Charity (1,860+ ft)

Date: August 21, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

From the junction of US 119 and WV 20, north of Buckhannon, go 0.4 miles north on WV 20 and bear left onto CR 2/Upper Pecks Road. From the north, this junction is 1.1 miles south of the Barbour/Upshur County line on WV 20. Stay on the main road for 2.5 miles to a mom and pop sawmill on the left. I asked permission to park and also got assurance that hiking further on the dirt roads, which are vaguely posted, would be OK. This is probably about where the "quarry" is shown on the topo, about 1/2 mile SSE of the high point. Three dirt roads continue from this point.

Take the middle one, which climbs soon to a small house trailer. Ignore the grassy road to the right near the trailer, and likewise the track road on the left just past the trailer. Stay on the "main" road, which may be the jeep trail shown on the topo. However, it does not cross the ridge, instead turning north, following the ridge line, and heading directly for the high point. There are two knobs on top, about 150 feet apart, the second one having what looked to me like a drying rack for game.

From the second knob, I picked up another good track road, which descended then ascended to the BM Charity Knob. The topography fit perfectly, but I never found the BM or any other markers. On the return, I spotted a skunk browsing about 50 feet ahead. He had not seen me, and only later went into alert posture for a few seconds when he presumably picked up my scent. He soon went back to his business, forcing me to take a wide detour around him to get back.

Time to summit: 13 minutes, which would qualify this as a gimme by West Virginia standards.