Jackson County High Point Trip Report

Garnes Knob (1,225 ft)

Date: December 3, 2001
Author: Mike Schwartz

From exit 124 on I-77, take WV 34 generally westbound for 2.9 miles to a prominent crest, south of and in view of Garnes Knob and an intervening lower knob. This point is also 2.9 miles north and east on WV 34 from the Jackson/Putnam County line. At the crest, a gated farm road runs north, posted by Anna White and Son. After local inquiry on the dead-end road that approaches from the east of the intervening knob, I was told that Mrs. White lives in the white house, "with a lot of stuff in the front yard", that is the first dwelling west of the crest on the northbound side of WV 34. I was also informed that the landowner at the end of the eastern approach road would not grant access permission. Mrs. White's house is easy to identify, and as I knocked on the door, a pack of dogs serenaded me. Getting no answer, I walked west along WV 34 to the next house on the north side, where the owner was outside. After I told him of my mission, he said Mrs. White was probably asleep and didn't hear my knock. He said he was sure that hiking from the crest to Garnes Knob would be OK with the Whites, which was good enough for me.

I stayed below the crest on the east side to avoid some cattle, then hiked the road to the base of Garnes Knob. I crossed a fence line, posted only by the Whites, and bushwhacked to the summit. Found BM Garnes 2, 1956. Easy hike.