Jefferson County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 24, 2000
Author: Ronald Tagliapietra

Access is via AT just off the trail on an old AT route on the ridge. Topo shows route 761 into Wilson Gap, but this is private and closed. The 2 mile hike from Blackburn Center (an hiker hostel) is the best route. Chris, the manager, is a state HPer and is up to 29 if I recall. To reach the hostel, take US 340 east from Harpers Ferry a mile or so to highway 671 and turn south. This ends in some 6 miles at highway 9. Turn left and go less than a mile to 751 (715?) and go right. This curves around to 719 (which could be picked up off 9 in Hillsboro). Take this over 2 miles to highway 713, which is Appalachian Trail Road. Turn right and follow it several miles to its end at the Blackburn hostel.

A trail of 0.3 mi. ascends to the AT behind the hostel. Turn left at the AT and hike about 1.6 miles (descending intermittently for the first 0.9 to Wilson Gap and then ascending). At the highest spot on the trail climb the obvious rocks to the right. You will find blazes on top from a former AT route (moved due to rattlesnake den protection). We found three rock outcrops up here and decided that the middle one was highest. If you follow the old AT route north, the ridge descends gradually to a spot where the trail turns right off ridge and follows a nicely graded and rock lined path back to the current AT route (unfortunately this spot is not easy to discern on the ascent). The only 2 landmarks in the hike along the AT are a log bench at a partial viewpoint and a double blazed curve just before Wilson Gap (where the old Wilson Gap Road continues straight on a grassy path and is blocked by branches). Nice hike. The hostel has many no trespassing signs on the access road but welcomes law-abiding hikers.