Mingo County High Point Trip Report

Horsepen Mountain (2,524 ft)

Date: August 3, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

The Mingo-Logan county line passes over the summit of Horsepen Mtn. There is a lookout tower and several communications towers on top.

From the intersection of US 52 and WV 44, go east on 52 about a mile to the ridge crest. The topographic map shows WV 44 as US 119, but that highway has been relocated. Also, it appears to me that US 52 has been straightened somewhat from what is depicted on the map, and the distance may actually be a bit less than a mile. Just east of the ridge crest there will be a paved turn off to the right (south). Turn in here. Almost immediately the road forks, with a paved fork descending to the left and a dirt fork ascending to the right. It is the latter that you want, but unfortunately it is gated, so you'll have to park here.

Walk up the dirt road to the summit. The lookout tower occupies the highest ground. The first three landings have been removed, but all the stairs remain. There is a circular depression in the concrete step below the first wooden step; this probably housed the bench mark. This is a round trip hike of about 1.5 miles with about 680 feet of elevation gain.