Monroe County Highpoint Trip Report

spot elevation on Peters Mtn (4,073 ft)

Date: July 9, 2006
Author: Don Desrosiers

Locally, the name of this county is pronounced "MON-row". Rhymes with "John Doe".

At the intersection of U.S. 460 and CR 635 east or Pearisburg, turn north onto 635 at the White Rocks Recreation Area sign. Stay on this road for 15.7 miles and turn LEFT onto gravel 613. We got another 3.1 miles to the stream. Due to recent rains the water, looked just a shade higher than I was comfortable with crossing, so I parked there. Cost me a little over 6/10 mile each way.

Cross the stream and stay on the good gravel road until the gate. There are two dirt roads, one that goes up and one that goes down. With a minimum of think time, this choice shouldn't be too hard. Stay on this road for a little over a mile, heading generally west-northwest, all the while thinking that if the road had only gone east-northeast then this point would become much easier. This road was very wet, but otherwise rose gently enough to allow me to make good time.

Reach the yellow blazed Alleghany Trail at the 4-way intersection shown on the topo. At this point, the GPS believes you are about 3 miles from the HP. Go right (north) along the ridge. The Alleghany Trail appears to get just enough traffic and maintenance to keep it open and not much more than that. On the good side, the blazing was obvious so it is not hard to follow. Since we were doing this one at first light, we stayed on the trail rather than taking the various "roads" around the substantial development that has happened on the WV side of the ridge. The summit was obvious. Repaired the cairn.

Bushwhacking back a la Mr. Packard would save you about a mile and a half or so but the area is somewhat remote if you have a problem. Took my same route back. Round trip was probably close to 10 miles when all is said and done. It took me just over 3.5 hours.

If someone could find a way up to some of those houses from the WV side, this one would become much easier.