Morgan County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 7, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

I started with Mike Schwartz's fine write-up and went from there.

In the town of Omps, WV (a great name for a town, no?) on US 522, turn into Cacapon State Park. Stay on the main road, past the Cacapon Inn (on the right). Take the left fork, passing the tennis courts and the rear side of the lake. What you are following is the signs for Cacapon Mountain Overlook. The road is rumored to be gated from October through Memorial Day but you may be able to work something out. There is too much hunting to be had on the VA side of this one to close off everything.

Stay on this gravel road for (estimated) 3.5 miles to the large "U" shown on the map. Go an additional 3/10 miles or until the road starts to go noticeably down. The BM was on the ridge near a small rock cairn. The border is not marked, so walking the ridge for a short way will ensure getting the HP. Maybe a 5 minute round trip once you leave the car.

By all means continue for another 4/10 mile down the road to the Cacapon Mountain Overlook. Well worth the side trip, particularly on a clear day.