Preston County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 7, 2003
Authors: Julie Kawa, Pat and Jobe Wymore

From the junction of US219 and WV24 set the odometer and head south 3 miles on US219 till you reach a sign on the side of road reading Backwater Corp Wildlife Management area. Immediately after the sign there will be a gated (and locked) dirt road with a 225 marker right in front of it. Right across the road is a junction with the paved right fork Leadmine Road and this is where we parked out of the way of everyone.

We headed up the dirt road and about 200 yards later the main track switchbacks with a lesser road continuing straight. We took switchbacks with the main track uphill for about another 1/4 mile until a steeper road took off to our right heading in the direction of the ridge line. This road is about 150 feet before you reach a saddle of sorts on the main road and should be pretty obvious to find. We took this branch and slogged up it for another 250 yards or so in a southeasterly direction.

After the 250 yards, you will notice the northern edge of the recent wind farm that has been put up on the east side of the ridge line and the HP is just above the northernmost of the 58 windmills. The excavation that was put in place to support them hasn't disturbed the high ground at all. Looking southward just below the HP you can see windmills stretching southward as far as you can see.

I talked to a "local" in town afterwards and they said they put them all in this past fall/winter. This is the second wind farm HP I have been to, along with of Weld County, CO. What a difference!