Roane County High Point Trip Report

three areas on county line 1 1/2 miles SSW of Mudfork (1,560+ ft)

Date: December 1, 2001
Author: Mike Schwartz

This is a trip twofer with the Calhoun County 1580+ foot area. See that report for the approach and hike as far as the summit of the 1,580+ foot knob. From the Calhoun highpoint, hike the swath south, crossing under a power line en route, and reach the summit of the northernmost Roane County area. Then bushwhack due east down an old pipeline right-of-way (r.o.w.), with the pipe occasionally visible on the surface, and climb to a knob. Remember this point for the return hike.

Hike south toward the southern two areas, and as the ridge line curves southwest, crawl under the fence (or not), and reach the next highpoint knob. Continue south to the third knob. There are obvious drop-offs and climbs between all knobs.

For the return, backtrack to the non-highpoint knob, then hike northeast on the ridge toward the building shown on the topo. This is an active barn owned by Mr. Hanlin. I followed the very steep ridge north, finally reaching the floor of the hollow, then circled a bit northeast to pick up the jeep road for the return to the car.

From car to the southernmost knob took 1hour and 5 minutes, and the return from there, as described above, took 30 minutes.