Wetzel County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 6, 2007
Author: Don Desrosiers

There are no significant changes from Mike Schwartzís 2000 and 2005 reports but some clarification may be helpful.

If coming up from the south, Rush Run Road (aka CR 13) is 1.9 miles from the southern US250/WV7 intersection. It is across from the Dollar General Store. Almost immediately, you will go through a covered bridge.

The house at the crest was still unoccupied although in good repair. The power was turned off to the house. I suspect it is occupied during hunting season.

Take the dirt road on the left side of the house up the hill. Follow the obvious trail in a large "S" until reaching the col mentioned by Mike. There was a blue and white plastic pipe there, the type usually associated with buried pipelines. No idea why.

Continue in this good trail and meet another dirt road coming in from 31 degrees, magnetic. Continue to the highest point of the good road then bushwhack PERPENDICULAR to the road, not toward the high ground. Just past the ridge, you should meet an old woods road that, if taken to the left, will get you close enough to the top that we will not quibble. This road is probably the one shown on the topo but is in reality farther west. Much easier than fighting the brambles.