Campbell County High Point Trip Report

North Butte, Pumpkin Buttes (6,040+ ft)

Date: August 23, 1998
Author: David Olson

Access from the east is across the T-Chair Ranch. I drove one mile west across their property and parked near a pickup camper belonging to Bob Packard. I had hardly set out when I met Bob, and we spent 45 minutes comparing county HP notes.

When I got back, the ranchers were waiting for me. They had also noticed Bob's vehicle. They are concerned about people crossing their land to North Butte (mostly amateur geologists), and want to be contacted before-hand. Call 464-1227.

The cap rock of the Butte can be climbed, class 3+, at the northeast corner, or can be passed, class 2, at clefts on the north face or the southern half of the east face. A road climbs to radio facilities on top from the southwest. It can be difficult to pinpoint the locations of each/all of the possible HP areas on the flat top of the Butte.