Crook County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 25, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

From Savoy, SD, on US 14A, drive west on National Forest Route FR 222, signed for Roughlock Falls. There were about three inches of powdery snow from the previous day's squalls, but hunter's vehicles had packed it down, and the traction was good, even on the steeper reaches of Cement Ridge. Go 5.8 miles on 222 and go left onto FR 134. Bear right onto FR 105, signed for Cement Ridge Lookout, at 6.0 miles. Bear right at fork just before the state line at 8.9 miles, onto FR 104, which becomes FR 804 at the state line. Turn right(north) onto FR 850 at 10.1 miles, and climb to saddle and parking at 11.1 miles. FR 850 is shown on the topo as 4WD, but it's fine for passenger cars.

Hiked through nice powder snow a little east of south toward the saddle on the highpoint ridge, then turned right(west) toward the summit. Dave Covill's cairn is still there.

I then hiked east along the ridge to the smaller 6640+ foot area, not listed in Andy Martin's book or mentioned by previous visitors. That is a well-defined knob, requiring a climb from the saddle between it and spot elevation 6674. The grade from the saddle seemed steeper as well. Hand leveling was not possible, so it would seem prudent to visit both areas.