Crook County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 31, 2002
Author: Andy Martin

We drove in from the north on this one, on a poor dirt road, and parked at saddle 6,440+ feet (40-foot contours). From here it is a short walk through the woods to spot elevation 6,674. A barbed wire fence is crossed near the start of the walk.

Mike Schwartz had drawn our attention to a small area east of the spot elevation, and the family walked there as well. The bigger area is probably higher, but we did not take the time to prove the case one way or the other.

Once back at the car we drove west to have a look at the Cement Ridge Lookout Tower. Traffic to this tower comes up a good dirt road by Guidinger Spring. The map shows this as 4wd, but it is the best way in to Crook cohp.

GPS readings: Etrex WGS84, poor sky -
(44° 20.543' N, 104° 3.708' W) at 6,713 ft (west spot 6674)
(44° 20.485' N, 104° 3.482' W) at 6,693 ft (east small contour)