Goshen County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 29, 2002
Author: Andy Martin

I was concerned that the road to FAA structure would be gated, but it was not, and we drove the good road right to the tower and parked near it. Knocked on the door but got no answer. The area just to south is not posted and is mostly treeless. After visiting this one the family hiked 1/3 mile northeast to a second area. A third area to west of FAA building sighted lower, and was not visited. The two areas we visited were pretty close in elevation, but my sight leveling (both directions) indicated the large area (by FAA buildings) was slightly higher. The day was windy, but temperature was pleasant.

GPS readings: Etrex WGS84, good sky -
(42° 35.594' N, 104° 35.278' W) at 6,132 ft - #1 Near FAA building
(42° 35.816' N, 104° 35.059' W) at 6,147 ft - #2 Second area to NE