Hot Springs County High Point Trip Report

Washakie Needles

Date: Summer 1997
Author: Bob Packard

Washakie Needles is definitely a worthy entry in the Apex list. First off, I drove in there to a locked gate and camped figuring I'd do it from there. But two cowboys showed up driving horses and told me I had to get permission from the ranch owner. So I drove out to Thermopolis, called the owner, went to his house. Not only did he give me permission, but he also gave me a key to the gate, so I was able to take 2-3 miles off the hike.

No problem until the last 100 feet which is nearly vertical and is exposed 4th class. I doubt that I would have done it except that I had my 50 foot rope with me which gave me the confidence to go up places I knew I didn't want to go down. Very intense route finding. I gave myself 4 little 15-20 foot belays on the way down.