Lincoln County High Point Trip Report

Wyoming Pk

Date: August 15, 2000
Author: Scott Casterlin

Use an appropriate map to get to Middle Piney Lake west of Big Piney. Thetrail takes off from somewhere in the campground, rounding the lake, and climbing past a couple of junctions to a marked junction with the Wyoming Range Trail in a small meadow. This trail may look encouraging on the maps but it disappears in a small basin east of Wyoming Peak. I became discouraged while we clambered our way up the NE and N sides of the peak, looking for a "marked" trail.

A better route to ascend on, which we used to descend, is to use the topo map and go off-trail, finding your way up from the Wyoming Range Trail junction into a "bowl" directly S of the peak, climb up to a saddle SW of the peak, finding a real trail there, and easily climbing a short way on the trail to the top.

There is apparently another possible "all-trail" route further from the SW on this trail, still using Middle Piney Lake access, but we didn't check this out. Allow about 4 - 8 hours RT. Nice views of the Salt River Range to the west and the fires in all directions.