Natrona County High Point Trip Report

VABM Mine (9,121 ft)

Date: August 31, 1998
Author: David Olson

Find your way to the junction of the "Okie Trail" road and the "Big Horn Trail" road, at the crest of the Bighorn range. It is marked with a street sign reading "Hollywood and Vine". Proceed east on the good road. When you get to a ranch with two gates in quick succession you have gone too far. Backtrack a few tenths of a mile to a lesser road heading east, above a corral. At the top of valley go through a gate going north. You can see the rocky knob of VABM Mine at 1:30.

The fence with the Arrowhead Ranch bisects the HP. The summit rocks are three feet higher than the BM marker. One of the summit rocks is on a 15 - 20 foot pillar separated from the main summit mass. You can get to that rock by bravely striding or leaping across a 3.5 foot (or greater) gap or by climbing the south side of the pillar.