Niobrara County Highpoint Trip Report

three unnamed areas on Brooks Ranch

Date: August 5, 2004
Author: Kevin Williamson

Access Contact: Kevin Williamson -

As mentioned in two previous trip reports access to the Niobrara County High Point can be pretty hard, so on my annual Memorial Day trip to Iowa, I thought I would swing by Niobrara County on my way back to Georgia to check out the access situation. Upon driving up to Mr. Brooks’ ranch house, north of the highpoint, it began to rain a little. I tooted my horn and Mr. Brooks came out to see who was there. After a short visit in the yard, Mr. Brooks said "Come on in and let’s talk inside out of the rain."

After about a four-hour conversation (Mr. and Mrs. Brooks are most interesting folks, and if you know me, I like to talk also.), Mr. Brooks gave me permission to visit the highpoints. The only problem is, it had gotten dark. I told Mr. Brooks I would be back in August and he said that would be fine.

In August I returned to the brooks ranch set to do the highpoint. Mr. Brooks remembered me and gave me instant permission. After we got caught up with new news, and an introduction to his new dog, I was on my way.

I was able to drive my truck (2-wheel drive) to a point near the windmill and parked. I started my hike there.

I did the western area first (area1), did some sight leveling, and then on to the Northeast area (area 2), again did some sight leveling, then on to the southeast area (area 3).

I believe that the northeast area (area 2) is the highpoint. I returned cross-country to my truck. I did not see or hear any snakes on my visit.

On my way back to Georgia, I spent the night in North Platte, Nebraska. When I called home to check my answering machine, there was a call from Mr. Brooks. He wanted to know if I had seen his dog as I drove back through the ranch on my way out. I called him back right away, during our conversation, I asked Mr. Brooks if it would be OK for highpointers to contact me and then for me to contact him on their behalf for access to the highpoints. He agreed to this and said he does not want his phone number given out to anyone.

Please abide by Mr. Brooks’ wishes and contact me for access to the Niobrara County Wyoming Highpoints.

Side Note: Mr. Brooks is a big lover of tootsie roll candies. Hint-Hint -- it could not hurt. Also, the round trip time from windmill to highpoints will take 2-3 hours. Also plan on visiting the Goshen County Wyoming highpoints while in the area.

Coordinates (WGS84-NAD83 datum) -


SR270 and Brooks Ranch Drive way 42.67370 N / 104.60460 W
Brooks Ranch House 42.67410 N / 104.59520 W
Windmill (Park Here) 42.65130 N / 104.59790 W


(area 1)Western area 42.64190 N / 104.59590 W
(area 2)Northeastern area 42.64440 N / 104.58590 W
(area 3)Southeastern area 42.64300 N / 104.58440 W