Park County High Point Trip Report

Francs Pk

Date: August 8, 2000
Author: Jerry Brekhus

We tried to follow in Andy Martin's footsteps up Francs Peak. (Smoke had driven us out of Red Lodge with visibility down to 2 miles.) Anyway, I am impressed by Andy's hike up Francs Peak and see why he had his alarm set for 4 a.m. I think he-man points are in order for that trek.

As for us, we stayed at the Vision Quest Motel in Meeteetse, got up about 5 a.m., had some snack foods for breakfast, since no cafe was open that early, grabbed some coffee at the corner filling station at 6 and headed up the Wood River Road 29.5 miles to the Meadow Creek Trailhead. We were actually on the trail shortly before 8 o'clock. There was a sign informing us that a bear-hiker encounter had taken place in the vicinity as reported by Andy. Switchbacks. More switchbacks. Trail across rock slide area. At Meadow Creek Basin we tried to avoid the creek crossing as Martin had. After scouting ahead we returned to the ford and waded across. We finally got up to the ridge near 12,000 feet at 1 p.m. Francs Peak loomed another 1000 feet up 2.5 miles to the north. I settled for climbing spot elevation 12,064, the highest I have reached in Wyoming, since it edges out Medicine Bow Peak by 51 feet. Here we turned back and descended to the trailhead about 2 hours quicker than our hike up. The sky was clear all day and smoke didn't become noticeable until on our way down we could see that it was getting smoky in the valleys.

Some recently overturned rocks reminded us that we were in bear habitat. Betty's altimeter recorded 4000 feet of gain.