Park County High Point Trip Report

Francs Pk

Date: August 14, 2000
Author: Scott Casterlin

From Meeteetse, drive the Wood Creek Road to the south, using a good map to navigate your way to the Meadow Creek area SE of Francs. There's a simple Forest Service campground about three miles before the Meadow Creek Trail and a high-clearance carefully-driven 2wd should not have a problem getting to Meadow Creek. The Meadow Creek Trail, which is excellent up to the basin of the same name, is across the main creek from the main road on which you'll arrive to the area. Look for a faint road leaving the main road and crossing the wide creek to the right. No signs at this point.

You may want to walk this final road and look for the marked trail a short way further up, on the right, in the trees. Use a Francs Peak 7.5 topo. Go up and up the MC Trail to the basin, then don't worry about the trail, or where it disappeared to, anymore. Instead, using the topo, navigate your way across the basin, up a drainage, and up a steep slope to the broad saddle between points 12260 and 12436 on the main divide. On top, you'll find very nice grassy areas and obvious Francs to the NW. Easily walk across the nearly level slopes, cutting "corners" where convenient, to the top. This area on top was very pleasant to walk across. I could see Gannett and Grand Teton from the top, even when the worst fires in years are in the area.

The Forest Service warned us of Grizzly Bears in the area and we tooted a whistle along the trail in the trees. They couldn't, though, suggest this route, which ended up being fantastic. Allow 7 - 11 hours for this great trip to the highpoint of the Absarokas.