Platte County High Point Trip Report

2 areas along a fence southeast of Indian Guide

Date: October 6, 1996
Author: David Olson

History: This is the area where the Nicholls boy was murdered, reportedly by notorious stock "detective" Tom Horn.

Access: This is private and tough to access legally. Dave Olson and two others who shall remain unnamed drove in on very poor roads from the northwest in 1996. They got lost twice on the trip but managed to find the HP and find their way out. They were not caught by the owners. Bob Packard attempted to drive in the same way. He was caught. Bob Packard then got in contact with an owner east of the HP, paid an access fee and was guided out there by the owner's son. Back at the ranch-house Bob realized that he hadn't been to the HP and asked for another trip. He was willing to pay again. This time he was refused. For his third attempt Bob Packard parked at some undisclosed location 4 miles away and hiked in without per- mission, 1998.