Sweetwater County High Point Trip Report

Pine Mountain (9,550 ft)

Date: August 15, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

This peak is located near the WY/CO/UT intersection, which makes navigating interesting due to the several maps involved. We drove our 4wd Mitsubishi Montero in from the SE (Colorado), and exited west into Utah.

The road was in good shape, 2wd pickup would have no trouble, and I (Andy) don't recall any nasty bits that would stop a car. Note that Dave Covill had problems with snow on the road earlier in the year. We saw no snow on any UT/WY/ID roads in August, though there were still a few patches on the peaks in sheltered spots about 9,500' and higher.

You can drive right to the flat top of Pine Mountain, where we inspected the radio tower foundations (tower is gone), and then drove past spot elevation 9550. I built a small cairn near there, just east of the road. Finding the exact HP is tough, even with a hand level, so I'm not sure if cairn is at the exact HP. The day was breezy, and someone had a bush camp huddled in the trees north of the treeless summit. The view to the west is nice, where you can spot distant Uintah peaks.