Sweetwater County High Point Trip Report

Pine Mountain (9550+ ft)

Date: June 8, 1997
Author: David Olson

Access this from WY hwy 403 a few miles north of the CO state line. The turn-off is signed "Pine Mtn" and the gravel road is straight-forward to follow to the foot of Pine Mtn. From that point there are two confusing spots. At a saddle between Pine Mtn and a lesser unnamed butte or peaklet take the road that goes straight up the hill, turning left from the saddle. The road does look bad but is probably do-able in a Honda.

Second, when you get near the top and the road goes over left and runs near the escarpment on the left - that is the top. The radio tower marked on the map no longer exists - its footings can be found if you look carefully.