Sweetwater County High Point Trip Report

Pine Mountain (9,550 ft)

Date: August 5, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

I drove south from Rock Springs on WY 430 to milepost 45 and found a road signed, about 100 feet in, for Pine Mountain. Assuming this was the same road mentioned by other reporters, I followed it west, but soon reached an abandoned farmstead that other forks not mentioned previously. I eyeballed my way back onto the correct road and eventually found the fork mentioned by Dave Covill, again signed for Pine Mountain - 8 miles. That road, better than the one I used, should lead back to WY 430 in an easy four miles, instead of the circuitous mess I followed. Moral: Take the next signed road south from the one at milepost 45, which should also be signed for Pine Mountain, and then Dave's directions will make sense. I measured the low saddle described by David Olson as 9.6 miles from the fork, and then at the 13.1 mile mark I bore left on a two track road toward obvious high ground. Follow that road to the old tower footing and then beyond to the 9550-foot spot elevation.

Andy Martin's cairn is still in place near spot elevation 9550 with a baggie register. I felt that a 2WD car could have made it to the summit.

Exiting, I drove back to the fork four miles from WY 430, shown in Delorme where BLM 4413 runs into BLM 4405. Few of these roads are signed. Using Delorme, I drove west on BLM 4405 to the multiple junction at Alkali Creek, continued southwest, then north on RD 27/Mountain Road, then west on RD 34/Ramsey Ranch Road to US 191, a total of 19.7 miles from the fork. At the junction with US 191 is the sign mentioned by Edward Earl advising that a bridge is out in Red Creek Basin and giving an alternate route to the tri-state point. Using this approach from the west to Pine Mountain could save a lot of time, but might require a bit of luck in picking the correct roads at the many junctions. Exiting west is easier, as any road that gets to US 191 is OK.