First Ascents for Wyoming *

* compiled by Bill Jacobs


In the following table the name of each county is followed by the date and surname of the first county highpointer(s) to have visited its highpoint(s). Virgin counties are indicated by "V" in the date column.

-------------- -------- -----------------------
Albany7/7/1985 Olson
Big Horn5/31/1972 Mueller
Campbell8/23/1998 Packard
Carbon10/21/1995 Olson
Converse8/21/1998 Packard
Crook4/26/1998 Covill, Olson, O'neil
Fremont8/1/1956 Lilley
Goshen10/6/1996 Covill, Mitchler, Olson
Hot Springs9/30/1975Taylor
Johnson5/31/1972 Mueller
Laramie10/19/1996 Covill, Olson
Lincoln8/31/1997 Packard
Natrona8/22/1998 Packard
Niobrara10/6/1996 Covill, Mitchler, Olson
Park9/30/1975 Taylor
Platte10/6/1996 Covill, Mitchler, Olson
Sheridan9/30/1997 Packard
Sublette8/1/1956 Lilley
Sweetwater6/8/1997 Olson
Teton8/4/1953 Lilley
Uinta7/23/1997 Olson, Martin A
Washakie8/22/1998 Packard
Weston4/26/1998 Covill, Olson, O'neil

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