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* by Adam Helman

County highpoint trip reports should provide valuable information to the reader intent on visiting the corresponding highpoints. Although personal anecdotes of unique experiences provide interesting reading, they are considered additional material in a report, i.e. not as a replacement for key content.

Key content includes, but is not restricted to the following -

For any of the above instructions the following principle applies:

Provided conditions have not changed markedly from a previously submitted report, an author may cite said report in preference to a redundant repetition of instructions.

The same considerations apply if a well-known guidebook provides adequate information. This is often the case if the county highpoint is also a state highpoint. Here, it is generally sufficient to cite published reference(s), so leaving the author free to describe his personal experiences if desired.

Every person has a unique writing style. It is hoped that the above recommendations will not straightjacket authors in such a fashion as to preclude individual styles from display. If you enjoy describing the celebratory meal or beer bust, please do so. If you enjoy describing the local color and history of the highpoint area, by all means. However these items are "extra credit" that should not displace the valuable information described above.

Although this author is clearly biased in the choice, he (not so humbly!) offers this trip report as conforming to all recommendations set forth here.

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