First Ascents for California *

* compiled by Bill Jacobs


In the following table the name of each county is followed by the date and surname of the first county highpointer(s) to have visited its highpoint(s). Virgin counties are indicated by "V" in the date column.

-------------- -------- -----------------------
Alameda4/17/1991 Desai
Alpine5/26/1968 Lilley
Amador7/28/1992 Suttle
Butte6/12/1994 Desai, Broeckel, Hauser
Calaveras8/1/1991 Suttle
Colusa8/16/1989 Suttle
Contra Costa2/28/1964 Johnson
Del Norte8/6/1991 Suttle
El Dorado6/26/1949 Johnson
Fresno7/2/1952 Lilley
Glenn10/16/1989 Suttle
Humbolt8/5/1990 Suttle
Imperial9/24/1989 Suttle
Inyo8/31/1943 Johnson
Kern5/15/1943 Johnson
Kings2/17/1991 Desai
Lake8/16/1989 Suttle
Lassen8/12/1991 Suttle
Los Angeles6/1/1941 Johnson
Madera7/3/1949 Johnson
Marin12/31/1954 Johnson
Mariposa9/30/1973 Schuler
Mendocino1/13/1979 Schuler
Merced1/27/1991 Desai, Hauser
Modoc8/13/1991 Suttle
Mono10/11/1942 Johnson
Monterey6/10/1963 Johnson
Napa1/31/1987 Desai
Nevada8/30/1973 Schuler
Orange5/14/1950 Lilley
Placer9/22/2008 Rich Wilson, "DMT"
Plumas8/20/1991 Desai
Riverside7/4/1942 Johnson
Sacramento10/14/1989 Suttle
San Benito1/1/1990 Sarna
San Bernardino9/6/1942 Johnson
San Diego12/17/1950 Lilley
San Francisco12/31/1934 MacLeod
San Joaquin3/21/1990 Desai, Hauser
San Luis Obispo3/2/1975 MacLeod
San Mateo6/30/1993 Desai
Santa Barbara5/17/1964 Schuler
Santa Clara1/3/1987 Desai
Santa Cruz9/7/1991 Desai
Shasta8/31/1947 Lilley
Sierra10/24/1988 Johnson
Siskiyou8/9/1948 Johnson
Solano2/14/1987 Hauser
Sonoma10/9/1993 Hauser
Stanislaus10/17/1990 Desai, Hauser
Sutter10/15/1989 Suttle
Tehama8/22/1982 Johnson
Trinity8/7/1991 Suttle
Tulare8/31/1943 Johnson
Tuolumne7/19/1950 Lilley
Ventura5/15/1943 Johnson
Yolo5/2/1992 Broeckel, Desai, Hauser, Johnson, Suttle, Sarna
Yuba4/30/1992 Desai

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