County Highpointer Emergency Locator System *

* suggested by Bill Jacobs and implemented by Adam Helman

Description and Purpose Disclaimer

A system designed for the highpointer who wishes his whereabouts be known in event of emergency. The highpointer completes an itinerary which is forwarded to both a relative and a cadre of volunteer coordinators. The highpointer checks-in by telephoning the relative. Should he fail to do so, the relative is provided with the list of telephone numbers and E-mail addresses for the coordinators responsible for the relevant geographic region (see section Contact Information below).

Selected for their experience, the coordinators have the background and expertise to act as intermediaries for contacting search and rescue (SAR) personnel.

Four regions are currently assigned - northeast, south, midwest, and west. In addition a country-wide coordinator list exists to handle both the case of when no regional coordinator is available, and for when the highpointer crosses regional boundaries during his travels.


The highpointer completes a blank itinerary and submits it
to both his relative and the relevant regional coordinator mailing lists below.

To complete the itinerary save the blank form to your computer as a text file, e.g. my_itinerary.txt . Edit the file using a preferred text editor. E-mail the file to the coordinator mailing list(s). The text file is also printed or E-mailed to the relative.

View a sample completed itinerary                         Obtain search and rescue (SAR) contact information

Coordinator Mailing Lists

The following five mailing lists exist -

(Functioning E-mail links are not provided in order to counter spammers.)

The geographic extent of each region is as follows -

Contact Information

To contact volunteer coordinators, send an E-mail message to:


and follow the automatically returned instructions.

This contact information, as coordinator E-mail addresses and telephone numbers,
must be provided to the relative(s) charged with contacting volunteer coordinators at the appropriate time.

Please obtain the contact information ONCE for all time so as to lower the burden
of those responsible for maintaining the emergency locator system.
It is recommended that you initiate this process at least one week prior to your travels
so as to allow sufficient leeway in receiving the contact information.


The County Locator Emergency System is designed to provide route information to SAR personnel searching for overdue hikers. No advice can alert rescuers to every hazard, therefore, the information given by coordinators does not guarantee the route will be safe. All guidance provided must be tempered with sound judgment, having due regard for the individual situation.

Neither the coordinators, authors of County Trip Reports or anyone associated with this system assumes responsibility for violations of law, injuries, or fatalities, that may result from the information provided.

Coordinators are NOT Search and Rescue specialists. The decision to contact SAR resources rests SOLELY with the relative monitoring the hikerÓ░▓ogress.

The contact information shown herein may inadvertently contain errors. A best effort was made to ensure its accuracy. Although updates will be made when known, it is inevitable some contact information will become outdated without our knowledge.

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