Venezuela Flag Summary
Venezuela Map

Pico Humboldt
Pico Humboldt rises
beyond Laguna Verde.
e did not tour Venezuela except in the broadest sense of the term. Now that you know our story, you understand that, at least to me, this observation is irrelevant.

Our expedition, and indeed the entire trip were both completely successful. Much advanced planning and discussion were in part responsible. Remarkably, the entire journey was arranged from my bedroom computer without a travel agent or a single overseas telephone call - yet another miracle of an efficient, enabling technology we call the Internet.

Climbing is a personal statement of who you are and what you prize. There are as many reasons to pursue it as there are people to ask. Challenge. Satisfaction. Companionship. Vigorous exercise. The need to be at peace with yourself.

By any and all of these intangibles, Pico Bolivar and Pico Humboldt measured up as prominently as one could hope.

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