Elmore County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 14, 2012
Author: Adam Helman

note: All coordinates are in the WGS84 datum.

This effort was part of a larger journey collecting Pacific Northwest county highpoints in summer 2012.

I was expecting a 'classic' hike as described in Edward Earl's 2002 trip report. Unfortunately the interventing decade has witnessed a degradation in the trail conditions (unless Edward did not care to note the following issue).

There are five stream crossings, none of which have a bridge to aid hikers. The
first and broadest, without even a log, is some two air miles from the trailhead at (43.97124° N, 114.90775° W).

Crossing these streams can be tricky with a high flow rate, and consumes an inordinate amount of time to exchange boots for flip-flops or going barefoot. Mitigating the time issue, I simply wore my boots with the intention of drying them the next day using car heat in the right passenger foot well.

Edward cites a critical trail junction where one bears right, eventually reaching the saddle immediately northeast of Snowyside Peak. I obtain (43.94007° N, 114.95254° W) at 8,923 feet, and also recommend this approach tactic.

The summit area features Class 3 rock scrambling along with some interesting navigation. Just continue, generally north, until it's obvious that there's nothing higher in that direction.


Alice Lake
Alice Lake with sawtooth-like ridgeline as background
during the approach hike to Snowyside Peak.