Latah County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 22, 2006
Author: Adam Helman

This effort was part of a larger journey collecting Idaho, Montana, and Washington county highpoints in late June and early July 2006.

The approach road for Bald Mountain is now signed with the warning that no admittance is allowed owing to logging operations. Truckers tune to CB channel 16.

As it was 7:30 p.m. and hence after normal work hours, I drove the FR377 approach road anyways. Defining 0.0 miles as the departure from Route 6, logging operations exist from mile 3 to 4; so creating a variety of wood-derived debris along the road.

At mile 7 the Bald Mountain summit road junction is found at a saddle. The final mile is slow-going; the road generally narrow.

The summit tower warns that you are under electronic surveillance. I left immediately after touching the highest rocks under the tower.