Franklin County Highpoint Trip Report

route coordinates

Date: October 12, 2011
Author: Adam Helman

note 1: All coordinates are in the WGS84 datum.
note 2: Mouse-click on the image for detail.

This effort was part of a larger journey to complete Vermont and reach the Ontario province highpoint in October 2011.

A parking space at the northwest corner of the Tilda Hill / Bliss Road junction has coordinates (42.71798° N, 73.03157° W). Park here.

Enter the woods left (north) of the home, on-trail, and turn left at this "T"-junction with coordinates (42.71761° N, 73.03038° W).

After one-quarter mile of level travel reach a broad, muddy track at (42.71781° N, 73.02676° W). Note this spot for your return and turn right up the track. The track is covered in wood shavings, presumably to provide traction under wet conditions for ATVers.

Leave the road, turning right onto a steep, grassy ATV trail at (42.71712° N, 73.02545° W). Take the trail uphill.

The ATV trail ascends steeply until breaking-out of the woods at a broad track with coordinates (42.71536° N, 73.02383° W) and very near the northernwestern hilltop. Note this spot for your return and head east a few hundred feet to the latter area.

Take the broad track right (southeast), covered in wood shavings, and bottoming-out at a saddle prior to splitting at a junction with coordinates (42.71199° N, 73.02133° W). Take the right fork, a narrow and grown-over ATV track.

The track curves left and terminates at (42.71092° N, 73.02006° W). The broad, main summit is in the woods about 150 feet southeast of this location. This is my 500th county highpoint, a fact duly recorded in the summit register.

On returning to the house area a large, white dog verbally assails me, and even follows me to the street. I bark back most loudly, and, having never witnessed a human bark, concludes I am crazy (hence not worth pursuing) and runs home.