Kennebec County Highpoint Trip Report

Explicit route information with coordinates

Date: May 26, 2012
Author: Adam Helman

note: All coordinates are in the WGS84 datum.

This effort was part of a larger journey collecting New England county highpoints in May 2012.

Any passenger vehicle can reach and park here at (44.53645° N, 69.97499° W).

Hike east on the obvious road 0.6 mile and with 400 feet of vertical gain to this "T"-junction at (44.53604° N, 69.96240° W). The north-south road is muddy north of here.

Hike south-southwest by turning right and reach this junction at (44.53439° N, 69.96351° W). The southbound road's continuation is bermed.

Turn left (east) and hike to this private road at (44.53426° N, 69.96200° W). You are now 0.36 air mile from the highpoint.

Hike the private road south, passing by a locked gate after 100 feet. Continue undaunted along the road, yet leaving it, aiming southeast (towards the highpoint) here at (44.53203° N, 69.96172° W) to avoid detection by the owner of a private residence a few hundred feet farther along the road. Note this departure point for your return track. You are now 0.23 air mile from the highpoint, leaving a bushwhack of some 1,200 feet - no more.

For the highest ground at (44.52911° N, 69.95964° W) I obtain a GPS-derived elevation of 1,296 feet.

Allow one hour for the round-trip (car to top to car). The net and total elevation gains are equal at some 700 vertical feet.