York County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 28, 2012
Author: anonymous

note: All coordinates are in the WGS84 datum.

This effort was part of a larger journey collecting New England county highpoints in May 2012.

I did this one on Memorial Day to avoid any access hassles. Remarkably when I arrived the gate at 2.7 miles along Quarry Road was open. Not wishing to be locked-in, I prudently parked my rental in the large gravel lot at (43.73859° N, 70.78550° W) immediately before the gate and walked from there.

Private vehicles were coming down the paved road well inside the gated area, presumably having been to the Hosac Mountain summit. I waved hello...

Not wishing to finish my 30 county journey with a thankless bushwhack I decided to visit Clark Mountain first.

There is now a structure on the paved road's west side near the Clark-Hosac saddle. This is not the residence noted in a previous trip report - it is south thereof and blocking most reasonable southern approaches to Clark's summit.

I am compelled to not ask permission (in case of denial), and bushwhack from a point farther south than desired up the south side of Clark Mountain. To this end I recommend that you leave the road here at (43.75346° N, 70.78400° W) as it's just south of where the structure is visible (hence you are not visible either).

Walk the ATV trail north, paralleling the paved road yet hidden from view by a stand of trees between you and the structure. Soon enough you are literally 50 feet from the structure's back-side, at which point you encounter another track at (43.75482° N, 70.78397° W) heading west. I began my 300 foot climb here.

Note that this entire time I did not see any negative signage. So it may just be that access is indeed allowed - it's just that I did not want to be the first highpointer denied that option. Hence my desire for total secrecy.

The middle one-third of my ascent has roughly a 100% gradient. Steep. A slip may result in an uncontrollable fall until smashing into the first tree. Be careful here!

I find the highest ground on Clark Mountain to be a boulder at (43.75657° N, 70.78569° W), GPS-measured elevation 1,358 feet.

Hosac Mountain is next. There's a tall communications tower alongside the paved summit road, its base about 50 feet below the top. Hosac summit views are excellent. There are 3 picnic tables - clearly this place is meant for public use.

On returning to my vehicle the gate was indeed locked.

While driving to my next venue I locate the F.R. Carroll, Inc. main office 1.0 miles northeast along Route 11 from its junction with Emery Road.