Golden Valley County Highpoint Trip Report

unnamed point on north county line (8,640+ feet)

Date: July 7, 2008
Author: Adam Helman

This effort is part of a larger journey collecting Montana and Idaho county highpoints in July 2008.

The abandoned jeep road for this liner (and Old Baldy of Fergus County) has a barbed wire gate 1/2 hour hiking from the road's base. These highpoints are located southwest of you upon "topping out" on the tundra plateau. You still have one-half mile of horizontal travel to attain these goals.

The round-trip consumes 6 hours 4 minutes with 2 hour 45 minutes time in-motion uphill; and 2 hours 15 minutes in-motion downhill.

The net elevation gain is 2,800 feet. I estimate 250 feet of elevation gain on the descent, such that total elevation gain is 3,300 feet.

It is 46 road miles from the start of Swimming Woman Road (used to access Greathouse Peak) to downtown Lewiston. Only the 11 miles nearest Lewiston are paved. Therefore one has 25 + (46 - 11) + (2 x 8.5) = 67 miles of gravel and dirt roads for the combination of Fergus and Golden Valley Counties.