Acadia National Park Highpoint Trip Report

Cadillac Mountain (1,528 feet)

Date: June 6, 2008
Author: Adam Helman

This effort was part of a larger journey collecting state, national park, and Canadian provincial highpoints in June 2008.

3.8 miles from start of the park loop road bear left onto the Cadillac Mountain Road. The summit gift shop lies 3.4 miles farther - a total of 7.2 road miles from the loop's start.

Once parked, hike 0.1 mile along South Trail, a broad path which begins 50 or 100 yards north of the summit gift house. The highpoint rock, with benchmark, is located perhaps 50 feet on your right side.

A rock with the same apparent elevation is located 200 feet to the southeast on the opposite side of the South Trail. I recommend that both rocks be visited for claiming credit.

An assortment of treats were puchased at the gift store - including a bar of Maine blueberry chocolate, blueberry soda, and a can of lobster chowder. The soda was half-finished before a Canada border official investigating Bob Packard's camper drank it straight from the 'fridge two days later on entering New Brunswick. Bob claims the soda just spilled - but I saw no telltale blue stain on the 'fridge's bottom.