National Park Highpoint Completion Maps

Painting Instructions

  • Completion of a highpoint - paint the Park name lime green.

  • Failure on a highpoint - paint the Park name red.

  • Concrete plans for visiting a highpoint - paint the park name violet.

  • Long-terms plans for visiting a highpoint but without a date set -
    paint the park name in alternating violet and black letters.

  • Note how there are no yellow or blue colors as in the case of county highpoints -
    the concepts of "home glob" and of "interconnected counties" do not apply
    to National Park highpoints.

You may paint and submit a map using any color scheme desired.
However provide a legend to your map if the meaning of each color is not obvious.

One example of a nonstandard painting scheme is Edward Earl's map.

A more eclectic example is given by Andy Martin's map.

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