Henderson County Highpoint Trip Report

Little Pisgah Mtn (5,280+ feet)

Comments on the highpoint location

Date: May 1, 2009
Author: Adam Helman

Note 1: Coordinates employ the WGS84 datum.
Note 2: This effort is part of a larger journey collecting southern Appalachian highpoints and prominences in Spring 2009.


There are three 5,280+ foot contours atop Little Pisgah Mountain as seen in this general view. Only the larger, central contour lies within, or partly within, Henderson County.

The southern contour, which is encountered first via the Shut-In Trail, lies within Haywood and Transylvania Counties.

The northwestern contour lies within Haywood and Buncombe Counties.


I visited this peak using the Shut-In Trail as recommended by several reports. I first "topped out" at (35.42099° N, 82.74641° W) as measured by my GPS unit. These coordinates correspond to the southern contour which, as noted, cannot be the Henderson County highpoint. I did, however, find a rock outcrop under bushes as noted by Edward Earl in his report; located on the northeast side of the higher ground just as he describes.

I then noted that, although the trail drops to the northeast, ground that might compete in elevation with my position lay farther along the trail. Thereby in a few minutes I "topped out", once again, this time locating the highest ground to the trail's left (west) side amidst bushes and trees. This highpoint location, relative to the trail, is noted by John Mitchler in his report; and, subsequently, by numerous other authors.

My advice for Shut-In Trail hikers is to continue beyond the first "apparent" highest ground until a second such area is encountered. Only the latter area lies partly in Henderson County.