First Ascents for Nevada *

* compiled by Bill Jacobs


In the following table the name of each county is followed by the date and surname of the first county highpointer(s) to have visited its highpoint(s). Virgin counties are indicated by "V" in the date column.

-------------- -------- -----------------------
Carson City 8/5/1993 Johnson
Churchill 5/29/1992 Lilley, MacLeod
Clark 9/18/1943 Johnson
Douglas 8/4/1993 Johnson
Elko 7/5/1970 Vitz
Esmeralda 5/23/1958 Lilley
Eureka 6/11/1995 Lilley, MacLeod
Humboldt 5/11/1992 Vitz
Lander 6/1/1992 Lilley, MacLeod
Lincoln 9/13/1998 Martin A
Lyon 6/29/1995 Johnson
Mineral 6/3/1992 Lilley, MacLeod
Nye 11/13/1958 Lilley
Pershing 5/13/1992 Vitz
Storey 8/6/1993 Johnson
Washoe 9/7/1946 Johnson
White Pine 11/12/1958 Lilley

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