Wheeler County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 25, 2004
Author: Adam Helman

revised road distances

The road mileages in Ken Jones' report are revised here as per Ken's statement that his mileages were not accurate.

FR 12 - 15.4 miles from junction with highway 26 to junction with FR1250.
FR1250 - 3.9 miles from junction with FR12 to junction with FR38.
FR38 - 4.7 miles from junction with FR1250 to spur road 200.

These distances agree well with those calculatable by taking differences of the (absolute) mileages from highway 26 cited in Trapper Robbin's report.

Some useful NAD27-based UTM coordinates -

Highway 26 / FR12 junction (267399 E, 4933808 N).
FR38 / spur road 200 junction (282067 E, 4915042 N).

A good parking spot (i.e. level ground with space to turn-around) is located some two-thirds of the distance up the summit spur road at (280416 E, 4919777 N). I parked there and, after walking less than five minutes encountered a snow drift that would have stopped my rental anyways.

I took some photographs from my summit hike.