Summit Eulogy

akk Longacre founded the State Highpointers Club. His wish of being posthumously spread atop the fifty United States highpoints was extended by his family to include the Seven Summits - including Aconcagua. I am charged with bringing Jakk to its summit, and providing a written report and visual documentation of the summit ceremony.

With John Sype filming, I recite a prepared eulogy and sprinkle Jakk's ashes atop the very highest summit rock. The 1 minute 26 second videotape has been distributed to Jakk's family.

The eulogy is necessarily brief owing to the location. Here is the entire printed text, one that I modify impromptu at the summit by dedicating our expedition to Jakk's memory.

"Jakk Longacre lived for the mountains. As founder of the Highpointers Club he fostered a generation of peakbaggers in their pursuit of the fifty United States highpoints.

His enthusiasm for the hobby was legendary. Despite an untimely death from cancer at age 64, his spirit lives on in the annual Jakk Longacre Award and in the minds of those who knew him well.

Jakk's family extended his wish of being spread across the fifty state highpoints by including the world's Seven Summits.

We therefore commit his ashes to the highest mountain in all the Americas.

Jakk - Vaya con dios."


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